“Constant cynical criticism is a solvent that can dissolve liberal societies.”

The objective of social justice is to deconstruct liberal societies and reconstruct them as social justice societies, where [critical theorists] determine what is right and what is wrong for everybody. Here’s another truth: They tell us constantly the way that they’ll get the revolution is to apply and teach critical theory as widely as possible. What the theorists, ranging from the Frankfurt school to the radical New Left in the 50s and 60s to the postmodern deconstructionists to today’s Social Justice Warriors all understand and count on everyone not understanding is one simple truth: constant cynical criticism is a solvent that can dissolve liberal societies. This lets us start telling the truth about their tactics. Their tactics are simple: cynical criticism, doing it and teaching other people to do it, all the time, everywhere, about anything. It doesn’t matter whether your criticism is based in genuine understanding of what you’re complaining about. The point is to complain. And to criticize everything—even when it doesn’t make sense and, especially at times, when it is unfair.

The Truth about Critical Methods, James Lindsay

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