I’ll take a large Coke and some Junior Mints with that sermon, please.

 Man of Spiel?

Superman is not Jesus Christ. In fact, in case you weren’t aware, Superman doesn’t even exist. If your pastor is preaching sermons based on films instead of the Word of God, you should be the one flying—as fast as you can from that church.

As this Denver Post article tells us, the Man of Steel marketing team at Warner Bros. hired Craig Detweiler to write a sermon that pastors can download and preach from (and presumably hype up the movie in the process).

Where is the reverence for Jesus as God in this? Where is the reverence for his Word? As Christians, is the Bible not adequate for all instruction? (2 Timothy 3:16–17 comes to mind.)  Why do we need movies made by godless Hollywood to teach us about God, when He has already revealed himself to us through scripture He has breathed into life?

And we haven’t even mentioned the bizarre mingling of the sacred with crass consumerism. Are sermons going to be brought to us by corporate sponsors? This week’s sermon on being a cheerful giver sponsored by Intuit TurboTax®. It’s your money. Keep more of it with TurboTax®! That may sound crazy, but how far away is that from a movie studio hiring a consultant to write a sermon?

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