Meditation sounds much more profound than “blog post,” doesn’t it? I don’t write blog posts. I bring forth meditations.

What’s on your mind tonight as you sit down to write? The bills you have to pay or how you need to get your budget in shape? By all means, write about that. But just class it up a bit: A Meditation on the Fleeting Nature of Material Wealth and the Things That Are Passing Away.

Kids got you tired and frustrated? A Meditation on Children and the Passage of Time.

Want to unleash pure, unmitigated fury on your favorite political whipping boy, yet retain an air of respectability? A Meditation on the Chasm that Separates Nancy Pelosi and All Good Sense.

Feel the need to share your thoughts on the Keto diet? A Meditation on Craving and Blind Ketogenic Rage

Now for a little meta-tation. *waits for nonesxistent applause*

Meditate comes from the Latin word meditatus (past participle of meditari), which means “to consider or plan out.” It’s the frequentative form of the Indo-European root med, (“measure”), which means that it describes an action that is repeated. Blogging is a repeated (hopefully!) action in which you consider different topics, so I think labeling these entries as meditations actually makes a lot of sense. Not to mention the measuring of time you engage in as you race the clock, pondering how you’re going to write something coherent in the thirty minutes you have left before you collapse in bed exhausted.

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