Sproul’s Comments against Federal Vision at the 2007 PCA General Assembly

It’s R.C. Sproul, Central Florida Presbytery, speaking against the motion.

I think we’re all aware of Luther’s evaluation of the doctrine of justification, where he said that it was the article upon which the church stands or falls. Calvin added to that, “It’s the hinge upon which everything turns.” And in our day, we’ve had an unprecedented attack on the Reformation understanding of sola fide, particularly at the point of the denial of imputation, which if you look at the declarations, you see is front and center of this report. And I believe, fathers and brethren, that the Kingdom of God is not at stake here, but I think the purity of the PCA is. And I don’t understand, I just can’t fathom the hesitancy about this matter. Too much is at stake. This is the gospel that we’re talking about, gentlemen. And if the Westminster Confession does not already give us a faithful exposition of the gospel, at what point can we trust our Confession? And it seems to me to add those people to the committee from our previous committee, fulfilling their mandate to examine whether their views were conforming to our Confession is like asking, in a courtroom, to have the accused become members of the jury. That doesn’t make any sense to me.


Shame on you, fathers and brothers. You’re not allowed to do what you just did. I apologize for that outburst of unseemly, but righteous applause.


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